How we do

Technology Enablers....

Embedded System Design and Firmware Development

We provide embedded software services, underpinned by years of experience from working with embedded control systems in the Automotive, Networking, Telecom, Wireless, consumer electronics, medical, and control systems industries including software project management, requirement analysis, system analysis, software development, testing, integration and maintenance. We deliver embedded solution services to businesses enabling clients to reduce time to market by retaining focused on their core competencies. Our services are designed to meet client's product and business needs which deliver value.

We rely heavily on innovation and cutting-edge technologies to provide a wide spectrum of reliable hardware solutions and applications.

We offer enhanced solutions for various industries:
                Product concept and specification development.
                Complete Project Management.
                Electronic hardware design and implementation.
                Embedded firmware design and implementation.
                Operating System device driver design and implementation.
                Logic Integration.

Migration and integration services for embedded software, hardware and software selection consulting, testing and quality assurance services.

Systematic project management, strong technical evolution & rapid development of application help you transform idea into deliverables!

Web Development focuses on delivering Web-enabled deployment solutions required in organizations that wish to operate and transact through the Internet.

Expertise in technologies suited for fast development, deployment and minimum maintainance leading to low time to market

We follow a flat organizational structure, rooted in an Adaptive Enterprise - that synchronizes business and IT to capitalize on change. Expertise that reduces time to solution, demonstrates a higher level of performance and adds value to any business process.

Committed to delivering industry-leading solutions that drive the highest levels of client satisfaction.

Deliver innovative solutions that raise the standard for business excellence and client satisfaction. Winning solutions will demonstrate the utmost in client value with an innovative approach to solve real business issues.

We help companies meet customer expectations, remain competitive, manage risk and comply with regulations.

Business Continuity and Availability

Engagement Process: knowledge base to ensure "all considerations are included, strategic, operational and technological alike."

Leverage technology to transform businesses, overcome their challenges and thrive in an unpredictable market

Ability to easily get their job done by access to resources and people necessary to contribute to the overall goal to deliver measureable results.

Tested solutions allow us to collaborate to identify and resolve issues before launching the solution, which can reduce support costs.

To make our clients more efficient and quick to meet the market needs.

Compliance and e-Discovery

Offers more flexibility for service provision to cope with heterogeneous terminal capabilities and transmission over heterogeneous network conditions.

Intelligence at optimum cost efficiency, leveraging embedded assets to deploy next-generation services, simplifying service offerings and infrastructure, and accelerating legacy network phase-outs.

Lowest lifetime total cost of ownership (TCO).