Shalini V Nair Ramakrishnan Nair   Mathew Abraham    
Managing director Director Legal Advisor   

An alumnus of IIM-Bangalore, she
has over 15 years of
experience in carrying
out different roles &
responsibilities in the
IT industry. She is in
charge of planning the
vision and direction of
the company as well
as its management.She
guides the company
towards the vision of
becoming the "Family
Portal - a one-stop solution to all family
needs" with her strong
sense of responsibility,
keeping the team
motivated and giving
their best outputs.

Brings with him vital
experience of being
part of an MNC and
interacting with
clients across the
world, providing
software solutions.He
is in charge of
devising strategies
and setting guidelines for the smooth functioning of the project. He graduated from the College of Engineering, Trivandrum with a B.Tech degree

 Graduated in law from school of indian legal thought Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam.
He is an experienced corporate/commercial lawyer who combines wide-ranging technical legal expertise with hands-on business experience to provide pragmatic solution-driven advice to businesses. He qualified as a Solicitor in 2007.
He has a sensible, pro-active approach and excels at finding sound business solutions to complex issues.
He is in charge of legal, commercial and administrative matters of the company.

We Believe

We share a vision of commitment to exceptionally high standards, crystal clear priorities, open/honest communication, collaboration, accountability and a broad understanding that the business must serve all stakeholders....customers, shareholders and employees.

We Deliver

To delight!

To always exceed expectations of every stake holder

To help all people lead better lives through Innovation and enhancement of productivity with best in class products and services.