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Ohile epitomizes the 'emotional connect' of family in the virtual space. We provide features facilitating users to connect, share and experience family moments. Information flow between members occurs seamlessly across the web and mobile mediums. Members' privacy is a built in aspect since we respect family and individual privacy.

Mobile Apps


A collection of indispensable tool providing users

Business Technology Solutions

Our solutions are reliable, enterprise-class, high-performing, affordable, and includes dedicated 247 support.

To help define the next generation of innovative solutions that will fortify your strategic leadership in the market.

  • Improve your competitive advantage through solution differentiation
  • Reduce your overhead through easier coordination and collaboration

  • Providing end to end solutions from consultation, development, deployment and maintenance!

    We bring together physical, digital, and virtual business assets to optimize end-to-end business performance, reduce costs and manage risks better.


    Number of elegant solutions embedded in the technology

    "A cost-transformation model to help service providers understand the new economics of their businesses and derive the greatest value from them."

    Service management platform manage key customer touch points throughout the service lifecycle

    Quality-of-service line management capabilities: We promise to proactively detect and localize degradations and automatically adjust settings, leading to more streamlined service delivery, improved service quality, reduced service downtime, and faster problem resolution.

    Leverage best practices and extensive experience in delivering secure, best-in class applications and solutions.

    Business Information Optimization

    Significant benefits through improved business processes, innovation and collaboration. Play a vital role in delivering overall cost-saving solutions to help enterprises remove barriers between networks, people, processes and knowledge

    Maximizing the effectiveness of the enterprise while keeping costs under control is a key objective for every business that wants to remain competitive in today's marketplace.

    Meet Business challenges by combining your expertise with our business technology portfolio, we can design and deliver solutions that keep our clients happy.

    Cost reduction, increased efficiency, a contribution to business strategy and increased reliability and accuracy.

    A readiness assessment that identifies gaps between your current situation and your envisioned goal, and we deliver specific actions to bridge the gaps.

    Innovate to create a more efficient and competitive business.

    Business Technology Optimization

    Customer alignment through agile development

    Adopt an agile approach to application lifecycle management

    Short lead times, delivery reliability, flexibility and cost effective. Our fully integrated, modular and lean delivery processes also give us the flexibility needed to quickly deliver of software, services and solutions. We focus on building end to end efficiency and delivering superior customer experience for all our solutions and services.

    Enjoy improved business agility and better collaboration to enable innovation and allow quicker & better services to be brought to market.

    Increase productivity, reduce deployment costs, and increase solution reliability.